In Ayurveda, every person is seen and treated as a unique individual. Every person has a unique constitution and expresses imbalances in their health is unique ways. As such, each Ayurvedic client requires treatments, guidance and potential lifestyle modifications that are designed specifically for their needs and imbalances. While some Ayurvedic clinics offer standard and generalized treatment packages for all clients, our approach at Anjali is a very personal one. Every treatment plan we design is customized to our clients specific needs. Prior to initiating a treatment at Anjali, clients undergo an in-depth consultation of 60mins to 90mins during which time our physicians determine the client’s constitution, status of health and presence and type of imbalances. Based on the findings a tailor-made treatment plan is designed to best suit the needs of each client; this process is involved and as a result gives excellent results. Due to the time-consuming nature our of methods, we are forced to limit the number of clients we can receive to the center each month.

At Anjali we offer treatments and therapy for a large number of illnesses such as: arthritis; various skin diseases; digestive disorders; psychosomatic conditions; autoimmune disorders such as psoriasis; multiple sclerosis, etc. We also offer Panchakarma treatments for cleansing, detoxification and rejuvenation.