Our Team

We have a team of qualified and experienced doctors assisted with a group of highly motivated Para-medical staff to take care of our guests.


Also graduated from Government Ayurveda College, Pariyaram in 1996 is the Director and Chief Physician for the Center. “ Her keen interest and knowledge of Ayurvedic Concepts is the secret of her success. There is a group of highly motivated Doctors and Panchakarma technicians work at Anjali for taking care of our guests.


Is the leading Therapist working at the school. He has more than 7 years experience as Panchakarma Therapist and his dedicated work help healing many people. Currently he is the leading a group of male therapists at the center.


She is the Head of Nursing staff of our treatment section. She was a former student at Ayurveda Scholl and now she manages a group of therapist for carrying out various Ayurveda therapies. Her healing hands are one of the best assets of our center.