Special Packages


This treatment not only nourishes your body with Ayurvedic Oils but also pamper your scalp and hair leaving you gently stimulated. Package includes – Abhyanga and Head Massage
Duration: 70 mts


A powerful massage with herbal powders for toning your skin leading to improved circulation and to melt away excess fat, followed by a deep acting herbal steam. Package includes – Udhwarthana and Herbal Steam Bath.
Duration: 70 mts


A special oleation therapy with gentle long strokes leave you warm and lubricated, followed by herbal steam and Shirodhara. Package includes – Abhyanga, Herbal Steam bath and Shirodhara
Duration: 70 mts


This combination of Abhyanga, Head Massage, Face Massage, Hand and Foot Massage provides a sense of wellbeing and helps to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles increase circulation and promotes general rejuvenation of the body. Package includes – Abhyanga, Head Massage, Face Massage, Hand and Foot Massage.
Duration: 120 mts


Fighting painful tight neck muscles? Stress is often concentrated in the upper body. This deep invigorating massage employs a variety of techniques to release tension in the head, neck shoulder, upper and lower back areas. Package includes – Kadee Vasti, Greeva vasti and back massage followed by heating the area with specially prepared herbal compress.
Duration: 60 mts


Clear, Lustrous and Healthy skin can be yours at any age if you take proper care of your skin; here is your chance for skin care in Ayurvedic way. In Ayurveda also we have a variety of herbal ingredients, which can be used for skin care. We have put together all these ingredients for the skin care. Our doctors will analyze your skin and body type and mix the ingredients on the spot for best results. This treatment is completely herbal and there is absolutely no chemical involved.
Duration: 60 mts


The best way to treat most of the hair problems like hair fall, premature graying, split ends, etc is to nourish the skin from its roots. Hair and scalp treatment is best suited for these conditions as herbal ingredients are selected and mixed after analyzing the client’s hair type.
Duration: 60 mts