About Anjali

Anjali is one of the leading Ayurveda treatment centers in Southern India, located in the Kannur District of North Kerala. At Anjali, all of our Ayurvedic treatments are directed and administered by experienced and fully educated and trained doctors and paramedical staff. Under one roof we combine the expertise of Ayurvedic doctors, Naturopathic doctors and Yoga therapists, each offering their unique perspectives and skill sets. Each client at Anjali is treated as an individual and as such receives our undivided and personalized attention and care. We specialize in designing treatment plans addressing the specific needs of each client. All medicines and Ayurvedic products are of superior quality in order to support and facilitate optimal treatment results. All of our Ayurvedic and Panchakarma treatments and procedures including, Vamana, Virechana, Vasti and Rektamoksha etc., are conducted in clean, comfortable, welcoming treatment rooms. Our accommodations are neat and clean with a warm and inviting atmosphere. While the quality of services and facilities at Anjali is high, our fees, including room and personalized treatments remain competitive and affordable.